A new article in IEEE Access

A new article, "Distributed Allocation and Scheduling of Tasks with Cross-Schedule Dependencies for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Teams" by Barbara Arbanas Ferreira, Tamara Petrović, Matko Orsag, J. Ramiro Martinez de Dios, and Stjepan Bogdan, was published in IEEE Access on May 23rd.

This paper introduces a distributed task allocation and scheduling algorithm tailored for multi-robot systems, specifically addressing missions with closely linked temporal and precedence constraints. Leveraging a variant of the vehicle routing problem and employing a distributed metaheuristic algorithm (CBM-pop), the approach showcases enhanced computational speed and scalability while maintaining optimality. Its efficacy is demonstrated through a practical scenario of greenhouse maintenance.
Additionally, it is noted that this work is connected with the Aerostream and Specularia projects.

The article is available under the "Early Access" section on IEEE Xplore, and can be cited using its DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2024.3404823.

Author: LARICS
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