IEEE RAS ICRA 2024, taking place from May 13-17 in Yokohama, Japan. ICRA stands as one of the largest events in the robotics field, gathering over 6000 scientists and experts from around the globe.

Three articles, coauthored by members of LARICS, will be presented.

"Bio-inspired Visual Relative Localization for Large Swarms of UAVs" by Martin KřížekMatouš VrbaAntonella Barišić Kulaš, Stjepan Bogdan, and Martin Saska. Drawing inspiration from nature's decentralized groups, this research, in collaboration with the Czech Technical University in Prague, marks a significant leap in UAV swarm technology and bio-inspired robotics.

"Autonomous Exploration of Unknown 3D Environments Using a Frontier-Based Collector Strategy" authored by Ivan David Changoluisa Caiza, Marco Marco A. Montes GrovaFrancisco Javier Pérez GrauTamara Petrović, and Ana Milas, presents innovative strategies for autonomous exploration. This collaborative effort between the Fundación Andaluza para el Desarrollo Aeroespacial and the Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems (LARICS) is set to redefine how robots navigate and discover unknown terrains.

"Structured Ecological Cultivation With Autonomous Robots in Agriculture: Toward a Fully Autonomous Robotic Indoor Farming System" by @Marsela Car, Barbara Arbanas Ferreira, Jelena Vuletić, and Matko Orsag, offers a glimpse into the future of farming. Originally published in IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, this article showcases the integration of autonomous robots into agriculture, paving the way for efficient indoor farming systems.

Stay tuned for more updates from ICRA 2024!

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Author: LARICS
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