From June 3rd to 4th, 2023, the Youth House in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, played host to a dynamic and inclusive exhibition, Maker Fair. Originally founded in 2006 by the editors of Make: magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maker Fair has become a global network of independently produced events that celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of makers of all ages.

Maker Fair is a unique gathering that draws together people with a passion for creating, from engineers and artists to scientists, startups, and established companies. It's a platform where makers of all backgrounds can present their hobbies, experiments, projects, and skills. The 2023 edition marked the second such event in Bosnia and Herzegovina, showcasing the growing interest in the maker movement in the region.

At this event, UNISA-ETF researchers, including Prof. Nedim Osmić and Mehmed Brkić, had the opportunity to exhibit their aerial robots and share insights into their research activities with a diverse audience of all ages. Their presence added an element of innovation and technology to the Maker Fair, further highlighting the spirit of creativity and exploration that the event embodies.

For more information about this exciting event, you can visit the event website at Sarajevo Maker Fair. Maker Fair Sarajevo 2023 was a celebration of innovation and hands-on learning, demonstrating the power of creativity to bring people together and inspire new generations of makers.

Author: AeroSTREAM
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