European Universities Initiative Events

The AeroSTREAM project is committed to actively engaging with the European Universities Initiative, with a view to achieving its strategic objectives. The University of Zagreb is a member of UNIC European University of Posiindustrial Cities, while AeroSTREAM partners are members of other EU Universities such as ECIU (University of Twente) and EuroTeq (CVUT).

On the 7th of November 2022, the AeroSTREAM coordinator took part in the UNIC Event "Introduction of UNIC Virtual Campus", held in Zagreb, where they gained valuable insights into the activities within the UNIC European Initiative and explored the possibilities of actively participating in UNIC events and courses.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the University of Twente (Prof. Antonio Franchi and Dr. Chiara Gabellieri), an online meeting was held with Mrs. Katrin Dircksen, the Secretary General of the ECIU European University at the University of Twente. Participants from the University of Zagreb and the University of Sarajevo attended the meeting, and they gained insightful information on the positive experiences and lessons learned from participating in ECIU by the University of Twente. Mrs. Dircksen also learned more about the AeroSTREAM project and its goals, making it a very productive and informative meeting.

Author: Tamara Petrović
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