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Join us in the round table „The Status of the innovation ecosystem in HEIs in Croatia “

Within the AeroSTREAM project, on 16th of November 2023, from 11:00 to 13:00 CET in the Gray Hall of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Zagreb, a round table "The Status of the Innovation Ecosystem in HEIs in Croatia" will be held.  


University of Sarajevo became part of the European university initiative EUPeace

The University of Sarajevo became part of the European university initiative called EUPeace (European University for Peace, Justice, and Inclusive Societies). The main mission of the EUPeace alliance/network is to increase the effects of internationalization under the prefix of nurturing a peaceful, just and inclusive European society, at different levels. The activities of the programme includes: 1. transforming curricula, 2. internationalisation of Teacher Education, 3. facilitating mobility, 4. establishing an inclusive European campus, 5. building a world-class research hub, and 6. developing the EUPeace Living Peace Lab Flagship Action as a platform for civic community engagement. The EUPeace Alliance consists of nine European universities, including University of Marburg (Germany) - coordinator, Comillas Ponteficia University of Madrid (Spain), Çukurova University of Adana (Turkey), University of Giessen (Germany), University of Calabria (Italy), University of Limoges (France), University of Mostar (BiH), University of Sarajevo (BiH), and University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic).   In this way, The University of Sarajevo, as an AeroSTREAM member, continues the long-standing tradition of inter-university cooperation for the development of a culture of dialogue and the promotion of peace.


Ana Milas at the Mobility Program in Seville

Ana Milas PhD candidate will participate in the Mobility Program – Outgoing Mobility of Assistants (MOBDOK-2023). This international mobility willbe in Seville, Spain, from October 30th to November 29th, spanning a total of 31 days.


Hands-on workshop "Indoor Localization using OptiTrack, PX4 Autopilot, and ROS 2"

In a recent event, a hands-on workshop titled "Indoor Localization using OptiTrack, PX4 Autopilot, and ROS 2" was presented at the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences in Karlovac, Croatia. The workshop was conducted by Ayham Alharbat in collaboration with Thijs Hof and represented the Mechatronics Research Group of Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the Robotics and Mechatronics (RaM) Lab at the University of Twente. This engaging workshop was an integral part of the Horizon-Europe AeroSTREAM project. The event was a success, and Ayham Alharbat expressed gratitude to the hosts in Croatia for their warm hospitality, particularly mentioning Denis Kotarski, Petar Piljek, Tamara Petrović, and Stjepan Bogdan, and to PhD supervisors, Chiara Gabellieri, Antonio Franchi, and Abeje Y. Mersha, for making this opportunity possible. The event also highlighted the contributions of the PX4 Autopilot development team and their community. Two code repositories  [1]   [2] , and  document  were created, as part of the training. 


AI2Future conference

The Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla presented the KITT4SME project at the AI2Future conference held on the 19 th  and 20 th  of October 2023. AI2FUTURE is a cornerstone event in the Croatian AI domain. The event was hosted by CroAI association, which is dedicated to empowering the AI ecosystem and it serves as a dynamic platform, uniting a community engaged in AI, including those working in, utilizing, or aspiring to enter the AI sphere. The event encompassed essential AI trends and tools, presentations on impactful research, successful tech and business case studies, and in-depth exploration of cutting-edge tech projects. This provided engineers and AI developers with the means to stay current with the latest advancements in AI, derive best practices, seek expert insights, and find potential partners to explore AI applications. The event also held an exhibition area where the KITT4SME was represented in the ICENT Booth.


AEROSTREAM at the DTG_4.0 technology fair

The  AEROSTREAM  was presented by the Innovation Center Nikola Tesla at the first technology fair “Digital transformation of the economy – DTG_4.0” in Varaždin, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Varaždin County Chamber. The fair is designed as a gathering place for manufacturing companies, as well as companies and institutions specializing in services and products from the domain of INDUSTRY 4.0. Covering production planning, automation and robotics, the fair attracted the attention of 24 exhibitors. Along with AEROSTREAM  the Innovation Center Nikola Tesla presented its projects focused on the development of innovations, new technologies and the encouragement of entrepreneurship. The projects attracted significant interest from the visitors who showed great interest in innovations and technological advances in Industry 4.0. The Innovation Center Nikola Tesla continues to support entrepreneurs and the competitiveness of the Croatian economy through the promotion of technological progress and the development of innovative solutions.


Join us in the Webinar „Cascade Funding – METASTAR & IN-TRANSIT projects”

Within the AeroSTREAM project a Webinar “Cascade Funding – METASTAR & IN-TRANSIT projects” will be organized  on 17 th  of October 2023 from 09 -10 CET on MS Teams.


Innovation training PR and digital marketing in Karlovac

Within the AeroSTREAM project, on October 13, 2023, an innovation training PR and digital marketing was held at the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences. The training was led by Matej Radinić from the company Panda Komunikacije. During the training, the participants got an insight into the best practices of communication on social networks, with a specific focus on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. The training provided attendees with insights into web content creation and management, highlighting common content creation mistakes and offering guidance on producing high-quality content. Additionally, participants received valuable tips for building an effective website to promote their companies. A part of the training was dedicated to social network analytics. This part explained what to look for in analytics, how to measure data accurately, and how to interpret the numbers effectively. Participants also received practical guidelines on crafting compelling posts for their chosen social networks.